Church Secretary/Communications

Job Description - Assist Pastor, Church Staff and Ministry Leaders in communicating with Ellendale's membership. Answer phones, prepare and answer correspondence, keep church calendar updated, prepare church weekly church bulletin and newsletter, maintain Ellendale's online presence (Facebook, Church Website, Twitter, Instagram), order and maintain office and custodial supplies, keep church membership records updated in Shelby Next, design communications and print materials to be sent out to church members, prospective members, community organizations.

Qualifications - Must be caring and growing Christian; able to maintain confidentiality; able to use computers and working knowledge of Microsoft Office. Knowledge of Shelby Next, Adobe, Photoshop, or similar software and design a plus. Good written and verbal communications skills. Good interpersonal, planning and organization skills.


Job Pay - $14.00 per hour/15 hrs per week


Job Type - Part-time


Schedule - Day shift


Benefits - Paid time off


Email resume to by 12/3/2021.

director of music ministries

General Responsibilities

An effective Director of Music will lead people of all ages in the congregation in music-making experiences so that they:

  • May grow in understanding the Christian faith and music’s role in that faith.
  • Will develop and strengthen their relationship with God.
  • Will become better equipped for daily living as faithful Christian disciples.
  • Will gain basic music skills so that they may effectively serve the church as music leader.

Role and Responsibilities

  • To coordinate the planning and implementation of a comprehensive music ministry for the congregation and community.
  • To continually learn both about music and about the people in the congregation and community so that you can plan appropriate to their needs.
  • To be familiar with the overall goals Ellendale UMC has set for itself, how these goals influence its music programs, and how these goals may be extended.
  • To keep the congregation informed about the music needs of people, the goals of the music program, and the resources available that will help the congregation reach these goals.
  • To promote the spiritual life of the congregation and its members through music ministry.
  • To be responsible for guiding the work of the music program through the year.
  • To plan, at least quarterly, for worship with the Pastor, musicians, and others who may be responsible for planning and leading worship. This cooperative planning, led by Pastor, will outline all worship services, including the use of Scripture music, and special services.
  • To develop and support effective musical leadership in the church, along with the help of the worship chair.
  • To link with organizations, people, and resources in and beyond the congregation that are concerned about church music.
  • To become aware of the literature and materials available that are related to music.
  • To take part in and represent the concerns of music on the various committees of the local church.
  • Responsible for music leadership during all worship services.
  • Initiates and develops ideas for current music worship and introduction of new music within worship.
  • Secures special music for worship services (i.e., soloist, instrumentalists, and prepares cantatas for Easter and Christmas).
  • Trains and rehearses the adult choir and other ensembles for worship and special occasions (i.e., Praise Band, handbells).
  • Schedules and leads additional rehearsals necessary for special services, events, and programs.
  • Overseas the annual budget for the music ministry and develops a yearly projected budget to be submitted to the Finance Committee with the expenditures for the upcoming year.
  • Supervises Pianist and Organist and procures replacement of Pianist and/or Organist when needed because of absence.
  • Writes articles about the music ministry for the monthly church newsletter.
  • Attends and participates in staff meetings and Worship Committee meetings, offers a report at the quarterly Church Council meeting.
  • Works under the supervision of the Pastor.
  • Works within The Employee Policy Manual of Ellendale UMC.
  • Must have Safe Sanctuary Training and adhere to Ellendale UMC’s Safe Sanctuary Policy.

Qualifications and Preferred Sills

  • Ability to listen and communicate with people of all ages and musical backgrounds.
  • Interest in a wide range of musical experiences.
  • Ability to collaborate with volunteers and committees.
  • Skills for researching music issues and programs related to people in the congregation and community.
  • Skills for researching music issues involved in worship.
  • Sensitivity to what makes worship effective.
  • Should maintain a healthy and growing spiritual life, and encourage volunteers and leaders to do the same.
  • Good interpersonal, communication, planning, and organizational skills.
  • Must be able to read and direct music.
  • Playing and instrument is preferred.
  • Previous experience as choral director in a church setting is a plus.

Miscellaneous Areas

  • Works up to 15 hours per week or at a schedule agreed upon with the Pastor and the Staff/Pastor - Parish Relations Committee (SPRC). Salary will be set and approved on an annual basis.
  • Yearly performance reviews will take place with the Pastor and the SPRC.
  • All absences must be scheduled in advance at least four (4) weeks before the necessary absence will occur. Helps Pastor procure substitute director (if necessary) and/or musical leadership when needed for an absence or during vacation.
  • Any unscheduled absences will be need to be shared with the Pastor immediately upon knowing of the absence so other possibilities for music leadership during worship services, events, or rehearsals can be made.
  • The Director of Music Ministries receives one paid vacation week after one (1) year of employment at Ellendale UMC and two (2) vacation weeks after five years of employment. After an initial 90-day probationary period, the Director of Music Ministries receives three (3) sick days per year, preferably not to be used on Sundays.



Job Type - Part-time

Schedule - To be determined

Benefits - Paid time off


Email resume to by 12/3/2021.